About us – Our value-adds


At Meeting Minds, we trust that our victory is mirrored through your victory.

*      Enhanced turn-around time for recruitment (we target candidates who can join at the earliest).

 *      Source fully validated candidates with our feedback for saving time.

 *      Maintain declined offer list and source them again.

 *      Cost effective recruitment to fit your billing.

 *      Use effective sourcing techniques.

 *      Maintain continued follow-ups to reduce no show (onboarding).

 *      Build a pipeline to immediately take care of no show cases.

We have articulated the following Non-negotiable personal characteristics as our hiring goals and formal requirements in addition to the skills  possessed by individuals.

*      Respect

 *      Belief

 *      Loyalty

 *      Commitment

 *      Trust

 *      Gratitude

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